Dianhong Gongfu tea belongs to the black tea category

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Dianhong Gongfu tea belongs to the black tea category. It and Dianhong crushed black tea are mainly sold in Eastern European countries such as Russia and Poland, as well as more than 30 countries and regions in Western Europe and North America. It is sold domestically in major cities across the country. Dianhong’s drinks are mostly mixed with sugar and milk, and the aroma and taste after adding milk are still strong. Dianhong Gongfu Tea is a fully fermented tea with warm nature. Drinking will not stimulate the stomach and is good for the body.

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Dianhong Gongfu Origin

Dianhong Gongfu is mainly produced in Lincang, Baoshan and other places in Yunnan. Yunnan is located in the southwestern border of China. The geographical position is between 97°~106°E longitude and 21°9′~29°15′N latitude. Yunnan has the climate characteristics of rainy and hot in the same season and dry and cool in the same season. The annual average temperature is kept within the unique range of 15°~18°, which is called the “biological eugenic zone” by scientists.

Dianhong Gongfu production process

One, the initial system
Dian black tea is processed by four processes of withering, rolling, fermenting and drying the fresh leaves of tea plants. The process of placing fresh and tender tea leaves just picked from the tree on a ventilated bamboo curtain to disperse water is called withering. When the water is lost to a certain extent, the tea leaves become wilted and then put in a ribbed twist. Knead in the machine to make the tea juice knead out and the tea leaves into sticks. The kneaded tea leaves are placed in a wooden tray. Under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, the tea leaves gradually turn red and emit an apple scent. At this time, put the tea leaves in a dryer to dry and knead them into When it is powdered, black tea is made successfully.

1. Withering
Withering refers to the process in which fresh leaves lose water for a period of time, causing certain hard and brittle stalk leaves to become wilting and withering. It is the first process in the initial production of black tea. After withering, the water can be properly evaporated, the leaves are soft, the toughness is enhanced, and it is easy to shape.

2. Knead
The purpose of black tea rolling is the same as that of green tea. The tea leaves are formed during the rolling process and increase the color and flavor concentration. At the same time, the leaf cells are destroyed, which facilitates the necessary oxidation under the action of enzymes and facilitates the smooth progress of the fermentation.

3. Fermentation
Fermentation is a unique stage in the production of black tea. After fermentation, the leaf color changes from green to red, forming the quality characteristics of black tea, red leaves and red soup.

4. Dry
Drying is the process of baking the fermented tea greens at a high temperature to quickly evaporate water to achieve the quality and dryness.
2. Refined
Refining processing is an upgrade of product quality. It is essentially a physical separation process and a necessary means for tea to have commodity attributes. The task of refined tea technology is to achieve the purpose of sorting, sorting out the shape, dividing the priority, removing the inferiority, and controlling the moisture through the separation, transformation, and combination of screening, winnowing, sorting, uniform pile, and supplementary fire.

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