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Gougunao tea is one of the ten most precious and famous teas in Jiangxi. It is produced in the southern foot of Luoxiao Mountain, Gougunao Mountain, Tanghu Town, Suichuan County. The mountain resembles a dog’s head and is named “Gougou Nao”, and the tea produced is named after it. Gougunao Mountain, more than 900 meters above sea level, high mountains and dense forests, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, rain and mist, spring water gurgling, tea tree growth due to short sunlight, more scattered light, making the buds and leaves strong, amino acids, caffeine, aromatic substances It is rich in content.

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Gougou brain origin

Place of Origin: Gougunao Mountain in Tanghu Township, Suichuan, Jiangxi Province. Tenderness: Tenderness and uniformity, with pekoe exposed. Cable: Tight and delicately coiled, showing the front lines. Color: dazzling green and shiny. Fragrance: elegant, slightly floral.

Craftsmanship of dog muzzle

Gougunao tea is a famous tea in Chinese history. Mined before and after the Qingming Festival every year, the picking standard is one bud, one bud and one leaf, one bud and one leaf, and part of one bud and two leaves, and then spreading, finishing, first kneading, second kneading, re-kneading, and shaping. The products are made by hand frying. The products are “tight like eyebrows, green and moist in color, fine silver, and the soup is as bright as a mirror, and the taste is mellow and sweet, and the fragrance is better than the orchid”.

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