Gu Zhang Mao Jian Green tea from China

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Guzhang Maojian is a kind of green tea. It is a famous tea from ancient and modern times. It is produced in Guzhang County, Wuling Mountain Area, Hunan Province. , The color is emerald green, the tender fragrance is high, the taste is mellow and sweet, and it is resistant to brewing. It has a unique taste and aroma, and is known as the “treasure of green tea.” The unique growth environment and unique processing technology have created the unique quality of Guzhang Maojian.

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Guzhang Maojian origin

The production area of Guzhang Maojian is located in Guzhang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province. Guzhang Maojian is characterized by emerald green color, white kohl, bright yellow and green soup, mellow taste, long aftertaste, high fragrance and long lasting, and resistance to brewing. Well-known in the world.

Guzhang Maojian production process

The processing technology of Guzhang Maojian is divided into eight processes, such as spreading green, finishing, first kneading, frying two greens, re-kneading, frying three greens, making strips, lifting and collecting pot. In 2007, Guzhang Maojian was successfully declared as a national geographical indication protection product.

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