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Lushan Yunwu Tea is a traditional famous tea of ​​the Han nationality. It is one of the famous Chinese tea series and belongs to a kind of green tea. It was originally a wild tea. Later, the famous monk of Donglin Temple Huiyuan transformed wild tea into home-grown tea. It began in the Han Dynasty and was listed as “tribute tea” in the Song Dynasty. It is named after Lushan, which is produced in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, China.

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Origin of Lushan Yunwu Tea

Lushan Yunwu Tea is produced in Lushan, Jiangxi Province. Mount Lu is in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, with the Yangtze River in the north and Poyang Lake in the south; the peaks are pretty, the forests are dense, the spring water is flowing, and the mist is transpiring. In this atmosphere, the “Lushan Yunwu Tea” smoked by Yizhi is known as “the color and fragrance are more delicate than that of orchids”.
Lushan Yunwu tea leaves have a long growth period and contains high beneficial ingredients. The content of tea alkaloids and vitamin C is higher than that of ordinary tea. It has strong buds and strong leaves, reveals its pekoe, and has a clear color and green soup. It has a strong flavor and a fragrance like orchids.

The production process of Lushan Yunwu tea

1. Fresh leaf picking: Mined at the end of April or early May, with a bud and a leaf as the standard, with a length of 3 cm. Strictly implement “three no picking”, no purple buds, no pests and diseases, and rain leaves. Unacceptable. Collect the fresh leaves and place them in a cool and ventilated place, spread them thinly for 4 to 5 hours, and start frying when the water content drops to about 70%.
2. Finishing: The amount of leaves thrown in each pot is 350-400 grams, and the pot temperature is 150-160°C. The main method is toss and fry with both hands. Shake first and then suffocate. Combine the suffocation. The amount of leaves in each pot is small, and the pot temperature is not high. When frying is not high, the aroma of tea is revealed. The leaf color changes from bright green to dark green, which is moderate. . The time is about 6-7 minutes.
3. Shake away: In order to disperse water in time, reduce leaf temperature, and prevent leaf color from turning yellow, put the leaves in a winnowing pan when you just pick up the pot, shake or winnow with your hands more than 10 times, so as to make the fragrance fresh and leafy. The color is emerald green and the clarity is improved.
4. Twisting: Generally use both hands to roll or roll or push, pull and roll, but the force should not be too heavy, so as to maintain the tip, when 80% of the strips are moderate.
5. Initial drying: Put the twisted leaves in the pot and stir-fry them to reduce the water content to 30-35%. The temperature of the pot is about 80℃.
6. ​​Rubbing: to further tighten the shape and release some moisture.
7. Making a millet: By making a millet to make the tea sticks tighter, the pekoe reveals, hold the tea in the hand, press the tea with both hands and rub the tea ball, use palm strength to break the tea cord. The temperature is controlled at about 40°C, and the time is about 10 minutes.
8. Re-drying: the pot temperature rises to 75~80℃, the tea leaves are piled up and scattered in the pot continuously, until the water content is reduced to 5~6%, and the tea can be turned into powder by twisting it by hand. Gestures should be light again to minimize fragmentation.

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