Different functions of the six most important teas

The types of tea leaves can be divided into six categories: black tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong-tea and black tea, depending on the degree of fermentation. Various teas have different health-care functions. Let's take a look at the different functions of the six major teas:
Introduce the different functions of the six major teas
1. Green tea reduces fire

Green tea has the longest history of production and has rich categories, such as Xihulong, Huangshan Maofeng, Dongting Bichun Luochun, Jingping Houkui and so on. Green tea is a kind of non-fermented tea. It has various appearances and unique taste and taste. The leaves are the most famous tea and the most widely researched tea.

Catechin polyphenol compounds are recognized as the key health-benefit components in green tea, and have a variety of health-care functions, including improving cardiovascular health, weight loss, and electrode ionizing radiation. Abundant teas. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, green tea is cold and helpful. People with low fire and stomach cold should drink less, and people with dry heat who are prone to get angry and have a strong body should drink it.

The temperature of the green tea brewing water is 85℃. The time is preferably 2~3 minutes. The good ratio of green tea to water is 1:50. For tea sets, porcelain cups or transparent glass cups can be used, and the lid should not be covered when brewing.

2. Black tea warms the stomach and protects the heart

There are a wide variety of black teas. Black teas are generally divided into three categories: Gongfu black tea, Souchong black tea, and broken black tea. Sweet red and bright, tender yellow leaves, bright red and so on. Black tea produces unique originality and copyright.

Theaflavins are the functional components of tea in tea. A large number of medical studies have proved that Honghong assists in regulating the content of low-protein and high-cholesterol protein in human arteries, which leads to the hesitation of reducing cardiovascular diseases. Flavin sun antioxidant, anti-cancer, prevention of chronic disease and prevention. Judging from the existing literature reports, similar to other teas, the general black tea has an earlier manifestation of cardiovascular disease. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, black tea is warm in nature and has the function of warming the stomach.

It is best to make black tea with freshly boiled water, the amount of minutes is equivalent to that of green tea, and the best brewing time is 3~5. The best way to make black tea is to use a glass cup. The specific method can use the middle throw method. First, pour about 1/10 of the hot water into the cup, then pour 3~5 grams of tea, and then rinse it along the glass. Bubble. Make black tea with the lid, the tea will be more coffee.

3. White tea is anti-bacterial and anti-radiation

The processing technology of white tea is relatively simple. Due to the tea method, the tea becomes pekoe, the buds and leaves are stalks, the shape is natural, elegant and clean, silvery white, gray and green, and the soup color is light. The picking standards are different. It can be divided into white silver needle, white peony, tribute eyebrow and longevity eyebrow.
The chemical composition of white tea is generally compared with green tea. From some related literature review, white tea has better antibacterial effects than other teas. In addition, white tea also has a good anti-reflective effect. In the United States and Europe, white tea extracts are used in the development of medical skin care products. White tea is cool in nature and can reduce fire and dryness.

The method of white tea is generally similar to that of green tea.

4. Dark tea protects against cold and reduces fat

Tea is a unique tea category with a long history and a wide variety of varieties, such as Yunnan Pu'er tea, Hunan Fuzhuan tea, Guangxi Liucha, Hubei Qingzhuan tea and Sichuan Biancha (Kangzhuan). Dark tea belongs to post-fermented tea. Under the action of all things, the tea leaves seem to undergo subtle chemical reactions to produce some beneficial components to the human body.

Pu'er tea and Fuzhuan tea are representatives of different types of dark teas. They have different ingredients, but their advantages have declined. At this stage, the research is reducing. Pu'er tea has the functions of lowering, lowering blood lipids, and anti-virus. Which statin compounds may be included in the shoulder-lowering effect; Fuzhuan tea also has a good effect of reducing fat and greasy. The lipid-lowering protein function is similar to that in black tea. There are many types of capsules, and there are many types of other teas. . The tea is warm in nature, helps keep out the cold, and is suitable for people with weak and cold constitutions. Dark tea is relatively simple to drink, and you can choose to use a purple clay pot, elegant cup or tureen for brewing.
Introduce the different functions of the six major teas
5. Yellow tea is suitable for everyone

Yellow tea is divided into yellow tea (such as Anhui Huoshan Yinzhen, Mengding Huangya and Mogan Huangya), Huangxiaoya (such as Weishan Maojian, Beigang Maojian and Pingyang Yellow Decoction) and yellow tea (such as Anhui Huoshan Huang Dacha) and Guangdong). The main quality characteristics of yellow tea are yellow leaf yellow soup, wooden leaf bottom yellow, tea soup yellow, and dry tea also appear yellow and bright, and it is clear and pleasant, and the taste is thick and refreshing.

Now, the research on the health benefits of yellow tea is relatively weak. Compared with the refreshing taste of green tea and the warm taste of black tea, the taste characteristics of yellow tea are in the middle, which is almost suitable for ordinary people. Generally similar to green tea.
6, Oolong tea moisturizing weight loss

Oolong tea is also known as green tea, and the mellow taste of Fujian tea comes together again. Oolong tea is mainly divided into 4 categories, namely Southern Oolong, North Fujian Oolong, Guangdong Oolong, and Taiwan Oolong. Oolong tea belongs to the semi-fermented tea category, between processing arts and crafts and black tea.

Some common catechins, tea polysaccharides, tea saponin, etc. in green tea and black tea, oolong tea contains special ingredients. For example, the "methylated catechins" in some oolong tea centers are anti-allergic. According to some related literature reports, oolong tea has a better effect on weight loss than other teas. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, oolong tea has a calming nature and can remove old accumulated heat. It is especially suitable for hands and can relieve autumn dryness.

It is best to use a purple clay pot or a lidded cup for making oolong tea, and be sure to use boiling water, and cover after brewing.

In addition to the above six categories, there are also reprocessed teas, that is, tea that is reprocessed on the basis of the above six categories of tea, such as scented tea, instant tea, etc. Scented tea is the main raw material of green tea, such as roasted green tea and black tea. It is made of tea leaves and flower blending and tea scenting, so that it can absorb the fragrance of flowers and get the name of scented tea, such as "jasmine tea", "toy hawk tea", "pearl orchid tea" ", "rose black tea" and so on.

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