The benefits of drinking black tea

Tea lovers who love black tea must know that black tea is fermented and baked, and it has a mild taste and a mellow taste. Experts have said that there are many benefits of drinking black tea. For example, the benefits of women who often drink black tea are that they can play a role in beauty and beauty, so what are the benefits of other people who often drink black tea?

As an ancient and healthy drink, black tea is a treasure in the Chinese tea library. With the popularization of black tea and the research on black tea by domestic and foreign experts, it can be said that black tea is the most secretive green tea among the six major teas. Tea.

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The best health effect should be black tea. During the processing of black tea, a chemical reaction centered on the oxidation of tea polyphenols has occurred. The chemical composition in the fresh leaves has changed greatly. The tea polyphenols are reduced by more than 90%, and theaflavins are produced. Thearubin and other new ingredients.

Theaflavins play a decisive role in the color, fragrance and quality of black tea. It is the main component of the bright color of black tea soup, as well as an important component of the strength and freshness of the soup. It is also the most important ingredient in the formation of the golden circle of tea soup. The higher the theaflavin, the more obvious the gold circle, the better the brightness, and the positive correlation with the quality. Thearubin has the fortunately spicy and strong astringency, and different varieties have different total and proportion of theaflavins, even if the total With the same amount, the astringency of the processed black tea will also be different. Thearubin has a brownish red color, which is the main component of the red tea soup and the main substance of the concentration and strength of the soup, but its irritation is not as good as theaflavin and astringent. Strong, sweet and mellow, it is part of the sweetness of black tea.

The polyphenols and their oxidation products in tea can now be antioxidants to the human body, have an impact on cardiovascular diseases, regulate blood lipid metabolism, anticoagulation and promote fibrinolysis, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, engage in allergies and regulate immune function Function, anti-cancer, anti-cancer and anti-mutation effects. Antibacterial, anti-virus and bactericidal effects, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and anti-allergic effects. Anti-radiation.

An experiment at Osaka City University in Japan pointed out that after drinking black tea for one hour, the blood flow velocity through the heart was improved, which confirmed that the benefit of drinking black tea is that it can prevent myocardial infarction.
American magazines reported that the benefit of drinking black tea regularly is that the anti-aging effect is stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrots. In terms of health care, the benefits of drinking black tea are that it can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuresis, eliminate edema, and strengthen myocardial function. The benefit of drinking black tea in terms of beauty is that it can effectively eliminate toxins from the body.

The benefit of drinking black tea for the elderly in the cold winter is that it can reduce strokes and reduce heart attacks. Drinking warm black tea every day can warm the body and prevent diseases. Although drinking black tea has many benefits, elderly people in winter must pay attention to drinking black tea hot, not cold.

Post time: Feb-16-2021
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