Top 10 Uses of Tea You Don’t Know

The use of tea is mainly as a beverage, which is an excellent beverage with both color, aroma and taste. The tea leaves that have been brewed are also very valuable.

Some of these uses are now introduced as follows:

1. Boil tea eggs.

Some use brewed tea leaves to boil, and some use tea powder. The best is to use black tea. Ordinary black tea is cheap, and the boiled tea leaves have a rosy egg color and a delicious taste. The key to boiled tea eggs is to boil the eggs first, break the egg shells lightly, and then put the tea leaves in water and continue to boil them to make the tea more delicious.

2. Making tea pillows.

Do not discard the used tea leaves, spread them out on a wooden board and dry them, and accumulate them, which can be used as pillow cores. It is said that because tea is cool in nature, tea pillows can refresh the mind and improve thinking ability.

3. Repel mosquitoes.

Drying the used tea leaves and lighting them at dusk in summer can repel mosquitoes. It has the same effect as mosquito coils and is absolutely harmless to the human body.

4. Help the development and reproduction of flowers and plants.

The brewed tea leaves still have nutrients such as inorganic salts and carbohydrates, which can help the growth and reproduction of flowers and plants if they are piled up in a flowerbed or pot.

5. Sterilization and treatment of athlete's foot.

The tea contains a large amount of tannins, which has a strong bactericidal effect, and is especially effective for the filamentous bacteria that cause athlete's foot. Therefore, people suffering from beriberi, boil tea into thick juice every night to wash their feet, and it will heal over time. However, it is necessary to persevere in making tea to wash your feet, and it will not have a significant effect in a short period of time. And it's best to use green tea, fermented black tea, the content of tannins is much less.

6. Eliminate bad breath.

Tea has a strong astringent effect. If you keep tea leaves in your mouth from time to time, you can eliminate bad breath. Using strong tea to gargle often has the same effect. If you are not good at drinking tea, you can soak the tea and then hold it in your mouth to reduce the bitter taste and have a certain effect.

7. You can care for your hair.

Tea water can remove dirt and greasiness, so after washing your hair, wash it with tea water to make your hair black, soft and shiny. Moreover, the tea does not contain chemical agents and will not damage the hair and skin.

8. Wash silk clothes.

Silk clothes are most afraid of chemical detergents. If the soaked tea leaves are used to boil water to wash the silk clothes, the original color and luster of the clothes can be kept as bright as new. Washing clothes made of nylon fibers has the same effect.

9. Wipe the used tea leaves on mirrors, glass doors and windows, furniture, adhesive tape, muddy leather shoes, and dark clothes.

10. There is fishy smell in the utensils.

Put waste tea leaves in it and cook for a few minutes to get rid of the fishy smell. In fact, the use of tea is far more than these, as long as it feels suitable, it can be used as waste. Hope this answer will not let you down!

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Post time: Sep-23-2021
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