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Pingyang yellow soup tea, a specialty of Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a geographical indication of national agricultural products. Pingyang Huangtang Tea is a famous product with local characteristics, made with high-quality fresh leaves of Pingyang extra-morning tea or local group species and other tea tree varieties as raw materials. It is well-balanced and has the characteristics of “three yellows” of “dry tea is yellow, the soup is apricot yellow, and the bottom of the leaves is tender yellow”.

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Origin of Pingyang Huangtang

Producing area distribution Pingyang Huangtang tea is produced in Pingyang, Taishun, Ruian, Yongjia and other counties and cities in southern Zhejiang. It is an important representative of Zhejiang tea and one of the main famous teas in Zhejiang.

Pingyang yellow soup production process

Pingyang Yellow Decoction is made with a process between green tea and black tea. It was picked before Qingming. The standard for picking is the fine and tender tea leaves. And it is also necessary to have a tea leaf with one bud and one leaf and two leaves. The size of the body must also be consistent. . The production of Pingyang yellow soup tea is divided into five processes: finalizing, rolling, stuffing, initial baking, and stuffing.

1. Finish
The temperature of the pot is about 160℃, and the amount of leaves thrown is 1-1.2 kg. It is required to homogenize and kill thoroughly. When the leaves are soft and dark green, they can be stir-fried and twisted.

2. Knead
Continue to finish in the pot, lower the temperature of the pot, and stir-fry until the tea leaves are basically in strips, and the pot can be taken out when the weight is reduced by 50-55%.

3. Stuffed pile
Spread the twisted leaves layer by layer on a bamboo plaque, about 20 cm thick, cover the Wenzhou yellow soup with a white cloth, and let it stand for 48 to 72 hours. When the leaves turn yellow, they can be dried.

4. Initial baking
Bake in a drying cage. Each cage throws about 1.2 kg of pile leaves. The baking time is about 15 minutes.

5. Stuffed
After the initial drying, it should be properly spread and cooled, and placed in a cloth bag, 1-1.5 kg per bag, and placed on the drying cage with the bag for suffocation. The leaf temperature is about 30℃, and it will reach 90% dry after 3 to 4 hours, and then sieved. Toss, remove the end of the film, reheat to dry enough, and then pack.

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