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Tiantai Yunwu tea is produced in the peaks of Tiantai Mountain in Zhejiang Province. The highest peak Huading is the best, so it is also called Huading Yunwu and Huading tea. “Fog and glorious support Caixia, Guiyun Dongkou Ming Qijia”. Huading Yunwu Tea is of particularly high quality and is known as one of the famous teas. Customers come to offer a cup of Huading Yunwu tea with high fragrant taste and Qingyuan charm, which will surely make people feel refreshed and tired.

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Tiantai Yunwu Tea Origin

Tiantai Yunwu tea trees are mostly planted in mountains at an altitude of 800 to 900 meters. The climate of the tea area is cool in summer and cold in winter. The annual average temperature is 12.2℃. The four seasons are covered by dense fog. In winter, there is often snow. The annual precipitation is 1,900 mm. The tea field remains moist throughout the year.

The production process of Tiantai Yunwu tea

Huading Yunwu Tea has exquisite processing technology. It is made by spreading fresh leaves, finishing, spreading cool, lightly kneading, arching, spreading cool, frying in the pot, spreading cool, and drying at low temperature. The shape of the finished tea is fine and curved, the buds are strong and the color is green and shiny; the fragrance is high and the soup is green and bright; the taste is mellow and refreshing; the bottom of the leaf is bright and green, with the excellent characteristics of the mountain cloud tea.

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