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Wuyi Narcissus is a famous tea in history and one of the two varieties of Oolong tea in northern Fujian. … Due to its unique natural environment, Wuyi Mountain has gradually improved the quality of narcissus. Nowadays, the crown of the tree is tall and the leaves are wide and thick, and the shape of the tea is plump and tight with a radiant color. After brewing, the fragrance contains orchid leaves and the color of the soup is deep. The orange is resistant to brewing, and the bottom of the leaf is yellow and bright with cinnabar. It is a traditional treasure of Wuyi rock tea.

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Wuyi Narcissus Origin

Origin of the name of Wuyi Narcissus The North Fujian Narcissus began in the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty (1821 AD), and is a larger high-quality product in northern Fujian. The narcissus species used originated in the Zhuxian Cave of Yanyishan in Dahu Village, Xiaohu Township, Ouning County (Jianyang), Jianzhou.

Wuyi Narcissus Production Process

After fresh leaves are picked, they are made through the processes of drying, making, frying, kneading, water-roasting, picking, cooling, picking, hair tea, and fire-filling.

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